Comfortable wooden cabins and spacious luxury suits
Picking vegetables to be distributed by the "Leket Israel" organization to the needy
Choices from a variety of custom menus
A variety of activities for children and families

The Production

"The Package" for the Bar Mitzvah family celebration is customizable according to the preferences of each family and can take place during two or three days at the weekend or in the middle of the week.

We can provide kosher food and adjust the program for quests that are observing the Sabbath

You can choose from a variety of options:

Special accommodation in a private rural area which includes a selection of rooms - double and family comfortable wooden cabins in addition to spacious luxury suits, including rich breakfast

Festive meals
Dinner and / or lunch party for the family and other invited guests up to 120 people. Selecting out of number of quality catering companies and choosing from a variety of custom menus

Audio and Video equipment
Projection and sound equipment will be provided and installed in accordance with location size and the type of the content that will be played during the event

The whole event will be accompanied by professional photographers who will document all the exciting moments on video and pictures

Enjoy the surroundings
According to the family desires guided tours will be coordinated to heritage sites and the magical biosphere reservation in the Menashe Park in Megiddo and the Jezreel Valley (local rivers, the Palmach Cave, the old Railway museum, the Megiddo archaeological site, spice farm, boutique wineries, etc.).

For the whole family
You can also choose between a variety of activities for children and families - Guided acting workshops, swimming pool with slides, jeep tours, visiting farms and horse riding in the area, a visit to a sheep pen and watching the milking, and others.

Volunteering mission
The whole family and quests can take part in a volunteering task through "Leket Israel" – Israel's nation food bank organization. The task is to pick fruits or vegetables for distribution to the needy all over Israel.