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It all started when we were asked to organize a different bar mitzvah to a secular family who wanted to substitute the traditional synagogue ceremony, usually followed by a meal and a party for family and friends.

We found ourselves talking about the content and its meaning in the contemporary era, and as we went deeper with the Jewish texts and their relevance to our life, creative ideas came up which was translated to a a comprehensive theatrical experience.

Thus was born the format which meets the needs that exists today among many Israelis, combining individualism and Judaism in the environmental context, combine pleasure and meaning, to find the way to use the opportunity of the Jewish initiation ceremony to strengthen the family ties and to empower the Bar Mitzvah boy to grow and take shape through this process, and all this with joy and love.

Ayelet Melamed

As an actor and facilitator of "Playback" theater,
I go around between stages and gathering stories, listening to the heart of the story, the little details and how it play ...

For twenty years I play, write and direct, inspired by Jewish texts, deals with improvisation and guiding youth and adults groups.

I grew up where the Torah heroes sat at our Shabbat family dinner table, my father was a storyteller, his eyes were shining and mother would slip notes and psychological insights about those figures.

Years ago I was exposed to a format of the Guided Torah Reading on Shabbat Study of the "voices" Beit Midrash secular Jew association, based on the Storah-telling, which was started in America. This Torah reading is sharing with the audience and incorporates theatrical and other artistic elements. Since then I am playing with the idea of creating a Jewish family Bar Mitzvah as an alternative ceremony using this exciting and fascinating format.

Seeing the dream becomes a reality, meeting the families and creating such an experience that drives us all with bright eyes is pure pleasure for me but also a mission.

Holds a BA degree in theater arts at Tel Aviv University, and a MA degree in creative writing at Ben Gurion University. Graduated the "Group Facilitation" in Judaism studies at the Oranim college. Theater professor at Gordon College in Haifa, actress and presenter in Playback Theatre of Beersheba.

Eyal Rom

As an entrepreneur and producer of interactive and theatrical experiences for many years, with specialization in Digital Presentations, I put the emphasis on innovation and uniqueness in all the performances.

"Walk in the experience" – in the High-the world I developed together with a creative team a model for designing applications which combines multimedia digital effects with actors and storytellers. This Experiential model leads the viewer as an active participant in the historical and time travel exhibits, passing a moving experience that makes the viewer feel part of the the story and as such also affects it.

My knowledge and experience had spawned with Eyelet this novel idea of a "custom bar mitzvah". I handle the whole production, the ongoing dialog with the family and the integration of the family' talents in the process.

An entrepreneur and senior executive management team of a number of technology companies in the digital media sector, from their inception phase. Over 30 years of experience in general management, business development and marketing in number of companies in Israel and abroad. Financial and organizational managing of several tourism projects and community settlements. Bachelor degree in Economics and Business Administration at the Ben Gurion University.

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Alternative Bar Mitzvah in the spirit of Judaism and ecology. Theater, Torah, values ​​and humor come together into an exciting family experience,
connecting the past and the present, and the Bar Mitzvah to the family and tradition.

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