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    We are knitting the event for you – Writing, producing and directing the family story around the Bar Mitzvah event

    The program is not necessarily suitable for families identified with a synagogue, but connected to Jewish culture and discourse of modern values

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    Family experience tailored to your needs

    Connecting to the roots and traditions and speak in a contemporary language

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    Rituals and texts that have survived thousands of years of exile and upheaval have a special power

    the experience we offer is the connection of all this cultural richness to the modern reality, creating a unique and exciting event

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    Bar Mitzvah family celebration in the spirit of Judaism and ecology

    We offer Bar / Bat Mitzvah in a new spirit, the spirit of values attached to our cultural roots and tradition and speaks in a contemporary language

Bar Mitzvah family celebration in the spirit of Judaism and Ecology

The Bar Mitzvah event is approaching, everyone has something to say, the grandmother wants it to be like the old times, the grandfather wants it in the synagogue , the mother wants it to be respectable, the father recalled his Bar Mitzvah as a child and how excited he was but wondering how it will affect his child. Many voices are running around…, and the Bar Mitzvah boy himself, what he wants? He just wants not to be embarrassed

We offer a family gathering that combines theatrical program with higher values which is drawn from Judaism and being adapted to contemporary spirit. The ability to connect to the past and translate it into the present is a great gift for the Bar Mitzvah and the entire family

The "package" could include accommodation in a rural area, chef meals, guided tours, children's activities, experiential workshops for the whole family, and the highlight is the Guided Torah Reading with all the audience in a unique format that allows the Bar Mitzvah to discover the power involved therein as part of this exciting transition ceremony

The program is suitable for both Bar Mitzvah and Bat Mitzvah


Join us

Inviteinge you to understand together what are the goals, needs and dreams in order to formulate a format that will meet your expectations



By a thorough study of the weekly Torah portion and by relating to the burning issues we are shaping the personal and family identity of the Mitzvah boy



Unit and connect the extended family to be part of the dream while recruiting their talents and their joy of giving. Creating a Family play to accompany the celebration , along with the Sermon of the Bar Mitzvah boy which will present his essence in the heart of the event. Connecting all the dots to one constitutive experience



Celebrating together the event, one group, the whole family tells the story, laughing together and feeling excited how everything connects to a single point that allows the Bar Mitzvah to enter the adult world on a substrate of the family love

And now the film

    experience of a lifetime!!! Guaranteed fun...