• Do we have to take the whole package or use some part of it?
    You do not have to purchase the package as a whole. Because each event is tailored according to the needs of the family, you can choose the favorite activities among the many possibilities. At the first meeting, we discuss with the family to understand the overall picture depending on the character of the Bar Mitzvah boy and the uniqueness of the family, and agree on the nature and scope of the whole event and all its components.
  • How is it priced?
    Detailed quotation will be given after the family chooses the nature of the event, its scope, location and what content activities fits their desire, out of the proposed diversity of options (number of participants and guests, meals. accommodation, the "Tisch" format, the guided Torah reading ceremony, and other attractions).
  • How many preliminary meetings should be done and where does it take place?
    We have three to four preliminary meetings with the family few months before the Bar Mitzvah, to go through the options and to select the content production. Another meeting closer to the date of the event is held in order to coordinate any changes and updates. There is also a discussion on where the event will take place and selecting the menus and rooms.
    With the Bar Mitzvah boy we hold two meetings, one for learning and deepening the in his "Parashah" and writing the sermon, and second meeting for rehearsals and working on diction and standing in front of an audience.
    If need be, there will be another meeting.
    In parallel there will be an ongoing communication via electronic correspondence and Skype.
  • Where the event takes place?
    The location of the event depends on the number of participants, we currently recommend "Zohar Badeshe" located in Kibbutz Dalia as part of the Megiddo's biosphere reservation. You can also have a more limited scale event in Yokneam Moshava. The model is flexible and allows it to take place in other location if appropriate physical conditions are met. The Tisch and the Guided Torah Reading Ceremony can take place either at a hall or a garden, depending on the amount of guests and the event format.
  • What is the recommended number of participants in the event?
    The event is flexible and adapts to different number of people in different spaces.
    Due to some production constraints we recommended at least 15 people as an intimate family event. Where a festive event consisting of family and friends, but still intend to keep its personal characteristics, should not go over 150 guests.