Personal event - the whole event tailored to your needs and wishes
You can choose a sizable event for family and friends, with quality menu and fascinating and exciting show full of surprises
An hour and a half of an exciting family experience, full of humor, "food for thought" provoking and interesting
The whole family will share a significant milestone in the life of a Bar Mitzvah
Accompany the Bar Mitzvah boy along the way
A creative process that combines in-depth study of Jewish texts and techniques for standing in front of an audience
You are full partners in the planning and enjoying an unforgettable celebration
Choose which parts of the event will be held in the warm family intimacy

"Knitting you an Event" – Writing, producing and directing the family story for the Bar Mitzvah event

The program is suitable for families that are not necessarily identified with a synagogue, but connected to Jewish culture and discourse of modern values

Two parallel processes feed each other – the personal process of the Bar / Bat Mitzvah and the family process - the whole family is going through a unique and exciting process that creatively engaging and deepening their involvement at this transition phase in the Bar Mitzvah life

The process includes guidance and support during the months preceding the event itself

The Family Process
As parents, we want to be happy at the event and to see the seeds of independence sprout in him. Adolescence puts us in a kind of new contests, we want to trust but we are concerned, changes happen quickly and we need to choose between several options excited and anxious, yet full of good will and caring. Bar Mitzvah is a formative event and challenging, we envision parts of a picture from the event and in parallel we might be lost with the endless possibilities

Towards the event, we stop and ask what the process that we are looking for is, and how to make the event an exciting climax of this significant internal process. The family process for the event is an opportunity to talk about values and direction, and redefine the uniqueness of the boy and the family dialogue
We hold a number of meetings and sessions during which we formulate the format of the event.

the story

"taking him
to the river…"
Stages of work:

1. We choose together from a variety of options of components to compose the event. Do we invite family or friends?, With or without accommodation? Ask what the degree of involvement in the celebration is. Articulate the family needs and desires, and choose the appropriate framework
2. Out of the issues that are mentioned in the Parashah, we emphasize the Jewish values as well as the universal values, choosing how much of the "synagogue" atmosphere to put into the ceremony, with or without a Torah book, whether reading the Torah with flavors or without, do we read the complete provision or just significant sections from it.
3. We involve a mix of creative family members throughout the process – recruiting theatrical, musical and other talents, in order to allow guests to express themselves and to feel part of the experience, while still allowing the bar / bat mitzvah to have their right place in the event.
4. In addition we collect the Bar Mitzvah boy writings, images, video clips and other family related history items, and together we examine how to embed it all during the event.

the personal process
The first question we ask the Bar Mitzvah boy is:
"How much do you want to be in the center?"
Not a simple question, in the midst of the storms of puberty, pimples, and the changing voice.
We invite the boy to go with us on a journey of inquiry to discover together his true unique voice in this entire great event.
Together we formulate and design not only his speech but define who we are within the Jewish culture and our family

We start by reading together with the boy the weekly Torah story, (the Parashah) and analyze it, marking keywords or phrases that he likes, allowing him to express his opinion and mainly, ask lots of questions.
Out of all those questions and statements we are forming his individual point of view and making the connection to the personal stories of the Bar Mitzvah which helps us to from his Sermon

the true voice

"Educate the child according to his way"
Stages of work:

1. Reading the Parashah together and selecting the topics we choose to focus
2. Personal reading and deeply studying of the biblical text - reading together the Torah story of the week, ask questions, dare to interpret and critically examine it, and most importantly, ask what it is with me and all that. How my life experiences and confrontations are reflected in the case.
3. Writing a Sermon - working together, we connect the personal and the national, the exciting and the comical.
We tailor the sermon to the character of the Mitzvah boy, his talents and strengths, to allow him to be at its best.
4. Rehearsals - training the Bar Mitzvah towards meeting the audience, presenting the Sermon, improve his diction and production of voice and pronunciation. We strengthen the self-confidence and learn how to express ourselves as best as possible.