Tisch - טיש
A Table set for fairy tales
Unique experiential show where Hasidic stories come to life and take on new meaning
Funny and exciting interactive show with the audience
In the era of seeking the wisdom of the heart, Hasidic stories have more relevant meaning than ever

Tisch - טיש
During the Festive Dinner, we offer a unique experiential performance for the family and guests

Tisch – Table in Yiddish

Not a "table" of quibbling of laws

But rather a Table set for fairy tales

"As part of the Jewish history in Europe a new type of desire was glowing in the communities, people were looking for wisdom, not the wisdom of the mind, but the wisdom of the heart, the wisdom of joy" (from the play).

We will put up an interactive show with the audience, where Klezmers, (live musicians) singers and actors are taking part in an exciting and hilarious show, full of joy, wisdom and magic theater with Jewish humor at its best.

"My grandfather brought me into the world of the Baal Shem Tov and his Hasidic followers, a world where facts are subject to imagination and beauty, a world in which one God, and moreover, man and God are one" (From the "Hasidic soul" by Elie Wiesel)